GLOSSARY for Dead Easy Life

Nature: The universe, including life, is the basis of truth and knowledge.

LifeThe biggest thing that has ever happened in the universe is when life began.  From this origin, the individual is the sole focus.

Purpose: The individual is where purpose is derived.  Finding consistent and universal ways to interact with others and our environment is the purpose of life.

Evolution: ‘Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution.’  Consciousness, ethics and behavior evolve.

Ethics:  Ethics are evolving toward what I call Life’s Ideal and Fundamental Ethics (“LIFE”) Don’t Ever Agress Do Everything Agreed and Stated by You (“DEADEASY”).  Using the concept of Dead Easy Life the evolution of ethics can be tracked.

Skills: The most important life skills we should develop in ourselves, our children, family and friends are:  Consciousness Happiness Individuation Love Decisiveness Rationality Empathy Non-aggression with Self Knowledge and Individually Led Learning ("CHILDREN with SKILL")

Parenting: The decision to bring another being into this world attaches responsibilities: To do no harm and raise a child with the basics for living a healthy happy life.  We understand many of the responsibilities to the physical child, proper feeding and no physical abuse.  What needs emphasis is the mental part of parenting.  Parents need to provide the following: Play Acceptance Respect Empathy Non-aggression Trust  Safety with Self Knowledge and Individually Led Learning (“PARENTS with SKILL”).

Empathy: This is the most important skill that is learned from PARENTS with SKILL.  Empathy requires imagination, self knowledge and experience with intimacy.  Empathy is required for ethical behavior, intimate relationships and entrepreneurship.

Communicating Trauma: When you notice yourself or others acting irrationally there is an underlying cause.  Usually this can be drawn back to problems with PARENTS above.  Self knowledge is dealing with this trauma.  I like to say Acquire Self Knowledge (“ASK”) because we Always Communicate Trauma (“ACT”) or ASK because we ACT.

Wisdom: is knowing what you can and can not change in your life to live better.