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This site is dedicated to helping people live better lives.  This is an educational and an interactive site.  The mission of this website is to help you live a better life through self knowledge and ethics.  It does not have to be hard to understand the philosophy of life.  Often using easy to remember acronyms, the DeadEasyLife site helps you implement ethical living and parenting in your life.   

I hope you enjoy and find it helpful.  If you have comments please email me at Matt@DeadEasyLife.com.  

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Matt Amberson

Dead Easy Life.  Live better.

Wouldn’t it be great to have an instruction manual on how to live a better life?

Dead Easy Life is about living well. It’s about understanding life, purpose, ethics, parenting, cooperation and relationships, and then implementing this understanding in the most optimal way for you.  

Our interest is that you use the information here to build a richer more fulfilling life. Kind of like an instruction manual.

About Me:

My name is Matt Amberson. I‘m a graduate of Kellogg School of Management and an entrepreneur. I’ve founded over 10 businesses in various fields. I was a derivatives trader in Chicago before starting my current business, a research and consulting firm.

My wife Molly and I have two kids and we’ve been unschooling them for since 2011.  We currently have no permanent residence after traveling for a year with our kids and dog. I have presented at the Libertopia Festival in San Diego 2013 and the Rethinking Everything Conference in Dallas in 2013.